I am pleased you have called by. You have come to the right place here, if you

  • are faced with the decision of moving abroad
  • are already living abroad as an accompanying partner
  • frequently relocate abroad as a highly mobile family
  • are the parents of third culture kids
  • are preoccupied with planning the return to your native country
  • would like to use the overseas stay as a means of personal further development and to enfold potential
  • would like to achieve a certain goal or sort out a relationship
  • are exposed to particular stress as a result of your mobile lifestyle
  • are looking for a neutral contact person for your problems outside of your community
  • were at home in several cultures during your formative years
  • lead an intercultural marriage and would like to improve the communications within your relationship

Or your child

  • spent several years abroad with you and now spent several years abroad with you and now needs support, this time, which is also connected with many Separation and losses, to be processed
  • no longer likes going to school due to several changes of school
  • is having trouble or is blocked in a compartment, and you are own inner resources in order to create new motivation and to promote release forces
  • needs support in other areas, and a child and Youth coaching makes sense

At home everywhere – coaching for expat partners and third culture kids would like to support and accompany you in these and other areas prior to, during and after your posting, so that you can feel at home all over the world!