About me


Being at home everywhere in the world is something that has accompanied me for half of my life already:

Working as an au pair in Ireland directly after taking my A-levels, as a young bookseller in Spain and as the wife of an engineer mostly based abroad in Portugal and China.

As a wife accompanying her partner on his travels, I am aware of the challenges that such relocations bring with them.

As a mother of two third culture kids and after spending a long time working at German and international schools in China, I am familiar with the opportunities that this way of growing up brings with it – but also the many stumbling blocks.

In my capacity as a coach, I am convinced that people strive for development and that it is our goal in life to enfold our potential and constantly grow, yes indeed, even beyond ourselves.

Living life in a foreign culture with a foreign language offers plenty of opportunities for this.

I haven’t learnt as much about myself anywhere else, wasn’t forced to keep on leaving trusted paths anywhere else, question trusted issues and try out new things in order to reach my target.

As such, I always considered the different locations to be a significant enrichment and in retrospect crises to be an opportunity for my personal further development. Today, I feel at home wherever I might happen to be in the world.

Falling back on plenty of experience, competence and joy in this lifestyle, I will happily accompany you along your totally individual path with your own personal problems and growth potential so that the time you spend stationed abroad will also become a source for your personal further development!

I am: a family person, a dog lover, a frequent reader, a learner, a choir singer, co-workers in the church’s work with children and young people and someone who appreciates both liveliness and calmness.

I love: good food, good company, good conversation, good books, the sound of the English language and long walks with my two dogs.

I coach: at eye level, resource-oriented, appreciative, affectionate, impulsive and with great interest in my counterpart.




As a DFC member and FWW seal leader, I have joined the Professional and Values Code of the Forum Werteorientierung in der Weiterbildung e.V.

Education and Further Training

  • Distance Learning Degree as a Psychological Advisor – Personal Coach (ILS)
  • Training course as a Hypno-Coach (Imagination and Trance) (Dr.Migge)
  • Training course as a Scheme Coach (Dr. Migge)
  • Further training in the areas psychodrama, solution-oriented coaching, EmbodiMind (modern tapping acupressure), cognitive methods and appreciative communication
  • Certified Coach (DFC) *
  • Certified Trainer (IHK Hannover)


  • Coach and counsellor for the German Foreign Chamber of Commerce Greater China, Beijing (AHK) for the Partner Support Programme with the main theme topics:
  • Transition processes
  • Third culture kids
  • Reintegration
  • New career perspectives
  • Co-establishment of a Mentoring and Sponsorship Programme for new families in Changchun in cooperation with the Expat Coordination FAW-VW and the Foreign Chamber of Commerce
  • Concept and management of a six-day seminar “Women in the Process of Change” for the Partner Support Programme in Changchun
  • Hosting of the Audi Workshop “Project schedule and organisation review for the new paint shop project CP1 at FAW-VW in Changchun, China”
  • Collaboration in the FAW-VW China Experience Day 2014 in Wolfsburg in my capacity as an expert on the theme “Living as an expatriate family in Changchun”

Podcast interview on the topic Third Culture Kids